Tuesday, October 30, 2007

All Hallow's Eve Eve

2 hours to go and it's officially Halloween.

Now, we wait.

This morning, the City department heads, SFPD leadership, Mayor's office staff, public safety officials and others all gathered for their last weekly meeting to go over details. Never has a "non event" had more planning, input or media coverage! I don't know if everyone will heed the policy of staying "home for Halloween" but I am comfortable in our efforts to make sure everyone KNOWS that the party has been cancelled.

Let's hope they listen.

A few points.
1) The people who "killed Halloween in the Castro" (to quote one screeching headline) aren't those of us working on the Home For Halloween public safety campaign. Neither are they those who oppose our tactics. They are the non-Castro residents, gang-members and various-and-sundry others who -- once a year -- treat OUR home like a shooting gallery or a public urinal.

It's not appreciated, and most people I know who live in the Castro agree. We want those people to stay HOME for Halloween.

2) It's sad that the Castro Halloween isn't what it used to be.

Well BIG DUH! No one debates that. I look forward to the day AFTER Halloween 2007 when, hopefully, we can all put aside political posturing and work to make the Castro -- and EVERY neighborhood -- safe on Halloween and on the other 364 days-and-nights of the year.

3) The decision to cancel the official party is/was controversial.

Another BIG DUH! Personally, I've always thought that "controversy" was just another word for dialogue. So...if the "controversy" about cancelling a party that most people I know don't want to continue as it has in the Castro generates dialogue, then "here here" for controversy. It's led people to talk about the Castro they remember, the Castro they want and the Castro they love FAR more in the last month than in the 20 years previously I've witnessed.

So, here's the final point:

4) Get over yourselves: In a world where thousands die of starvation every day; millions live without drinking water or access to health care; and some of our LGBTQQ brothers-and-sisters around the world live under a death sentence for merely "being" who they are, don't we think that "cancelling" a party FOR ONE NIGHT in a place that is a "party" the other nights of the year is a small price to pay for sending a message that we're tired of hosting 100,000 ungrateful louts in our home?

I do, but then again..I'm only one person...

more anon.