Sunday, October 7, 2007

Castro Street Fair -- Word is Spreading

Spent the day at my favorite street fair: Castro Street Fair. Also, always memorable to me as 21 years ago on this day, this most-diverse of events was my introduction to San Francisco and the Castro. Much of my love for this, my home, was cemented on that day and by this experience. And so - this campaign -- to keep safe everything I love about San Francisco -- and the Castro -- on Halloween is very much a personal mission.

Today, most everyone I spoke with agreed. We distributed 4,000 flyers for the "Home For Halloween" effort, touting our tagline of "This year, the Castro will NOT be open for business: no party. No fun. No tolerance for bad behavior. No reason to come. " With the exception of one person who called one of our helpers "a facist" the response was OVERWHELMINGLY supportive. I have yet to meet and dialogue with one Castro resident or business person who wants the Castro invaded on Halloween by those who don't respect our values, our safety and our neighborhood. So - to those who don't understand the loving and diverse compassion of the Castro, our message for you this year is: Stay "home for Halloween."

Our thanks to those booths at today's Castro Street Fair who support our efforts, and who generously helped us distribute information/flyers: MUMC (Merchants of Upper Market), The Castro CBD (Community Benefit District), District Attorney Kamela Harris, the SFPD and Bettyslist. All understand what this effort is about: Public Safety. On November 1st, we all want to stand in a calm, quiet and peaceful Castro.

For those of you who want to be part of the effort - help spread the word! Here on this website are print-ready PDFs of flyers (in English & Spanish) in color and black & white. Print them out and FAX/mail/email to your friends. Also, we have a web banner for anyone would like to post it on your site. Just email us a request. And - if you are a local business, nonprofit or organization who supports this effort, send us your weblink and logo and we'll add it to the site. There are 24 days 'til Halloween - we need your helps! Join us in urging - this year - everyone to stay "Home for Halloween." The decision has been made: the party has been cancelled, and there will be NO patience for those who come into our neighborhood with bad intentions. For those critics who have charged that there "is no plan for public safety" let me assure you: there is. Those who think they can come into our neighborhood and not respect it with no consequences are mistaken. Our advice -- and the official word -- is this: the party ain't happening. Stay home!

more anon,