Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Radio Days

...one from week from tomorrow Halloween will be HERE (I have everything, of which I have two, crossed. :-) ).

More radio/TV today, including 15 minutes on Arthur Bruzzone's "San Francisco/unscripted." Arthur wanted to know when Halloween got so political. I wanted to know too. As usual, a thoughtful, provocative discussion ensued, the sort that Arthur is famed for. We need more shows like this.

Also, a big "thanks" to all the Clear Channel radio stations offering support, and running our PSAs. Here they are, so check 'em out and listen in:


As the day wore down, picked up the first of 28,000 special flyers to be distributed in taxi cabs the night of Halloween. These are specifically aimed at those people who hail a cab and say "take me to the Castro". This is our last line of communication to dissuade people from visiting a neigbhorhood that has made it clear: The Halloween in the Party is Cancelled. The flyer directs would-be Castro-visitors to OTHER venues celebrating Halloween that night.

This weekend, 20,000 flyers will be distributed at the Exotic Erotic Ball: the hippest of Halloween parties for SURE. This audience is key -- people who love San Francisco and LOVE dressing up (and down) in costume. If we can make them see the seriousness of this public safety campaign, we'll be doing our job.

Tomorrow: more flyers, more emails and more meetings at City Hall where there is a full-court press in effect to make Castro -- and every neighborhood -- safe this Halloween night.

more anon.