Friday, October 12, 2007

T.G.I.F and "Cold Turkey"

Well, that was a full week! I have to say, having dealt with media for my entire life (as an 8th grade writer of "letters to the editor", then a journalist and now a 'flack') I have rarely seen so much attention focused, in so short a time, on such an event. People ARE responding, and -- intuitively -- understanding the public safety nature of this.

As of today, 20 Castro businesses and bars have announced they're closing on Halloween night. MUNI (thankfully) won't make it easy to get there. Also, the SFPD will be doing above-and-beyond the call in their efforts to make sure the neighborhood and all law-abiding Halloween-ites have a safe and fun All Hallows Eve.

Why is that so controversial? The more time I spend working on this campaign, and talking to everyday folks (especially my neighbors in the Castro) the more commited I become to the over-all concept: The Castro District is NOT an appropriate place for a party of this size. So, this year -- go cold turkey. DON'T COME.

Our thanks to Comcast's "Local, Edition" for squeezing us in on short notice, and giving us air time to talk about the HomeForHalloween / No Halloween in the Castro public safety campaign. These 5-minute interview slots are highly coveted, and an important part of Comcast's public affairs programming. I'm very grateful, personally -- as is everyone working 25/8 on this effort-- for their offering of today's interview. Check it out below.

And so, another round of conversations, chats with the press and flyers FAXed to community groups. Download that flyer now. Post it in your window. More importantly, email it / send it to a friend who hasn't heard the word yet. Everyone who calls San Francisco - and the Castro - home, will thank you.

more anon,