Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wednesday - Spreading the Word

Spent the day talking up the "" campaign with journalists, neighbors and business owners in the Castro: all supportive. Bottom line from everyone I spoke with - what can we do this year to keep the Castro friendly and safe? Taped a video in the afternoon with a Castro business owner THRILLED that the party has been cancelled.

"Halloween isn't what it used to be," he said. "I'm tired of feeling unwelcomed in my own neighborhood."

Also -- lots of debate over what to do NEXT year: good questions! Let's start the discussion now while working to get EVERYONE onboard to support this year's effort of keeping our "home" safe on Halloween and encouraging those who would do mischief to stay at their "homes" for Halloween.

To paraphrase the 1950's singer (betraying my age): "It's my party, and I'll cancel if I want to...."

In a few days -- new PSA campaign (TV & Radio) will be unveiled. Ran into a reporter from KTVU-Fox 2 in the Castro today: already on the streets getting feedback about this morning's "Matier & Ross" column in the "San Francisco Chronicle." That's great -- the more media that report on the effort - the more successful it will be. Spread the word! This year, if you're thinking about coming to the Castro -- DON'T. No party. No tolerance for bad behavior. No reason to come. This is the year to stay home for Halloween.

More anon, and thanks to everyone working to keep the Castro (and every part of the City) SAFE on Halloween. Hats off to our friends at City Hall and the SFPD!