Wednesday, October 31, 2007

5 Minutes 'til 5 - Castro time

The sun is shining. People are walking the streets (costumed and non). The regular crowd at the "Twin Peaks" is enjoying a mid-week drink. In a couple of hours, this bar will join 30 other bars, restaurants and businesses in the Castroclosing their doors in solidarity. They'll be going "home for Halloween" and - hopefully - sending a message to others to "stay home for Halloween" as well. At 8pm, the BART station at 16th & Mission will close to discourage the crowds that usually use that egress point to head to the Castro. At 8:30m, the MUNI subway will close from Van Ness to West Portal. Above ground buses will continue to roll. And -- with all fingers crossed -- the traffic will continue to flow (on the streets and sidewalks both).

Walking the Castro this afternoon, everyone seemed resigned to the sad truth: Halloween in the Castro ain't what it used to be. (heavy sigh). Here's hoping the efforts of everyone involved tonight, whatever their political ilk, will work in common to keep our little piece of paradise safe.

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