Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lights Out!

A pirate just walked in and cozied up to a construction worker. Outside, cameras compete with witches and a good old fashioned drag queen or two for space. Just below my perch, the "Chronicle's" Wyatt Buchanan chats with Matthew Bajko of the "Bay Area Reporter" -- good journalists both, and both committed to not only getting the story right, but doing it in a way which honors both sides of the plan to keep Castro safe.

One minute to go 'til the rainbow "neon arrows" above the "Twin Peaks Bar" go dark...

Oh -- the entire "cast" of "The Wizard of Oz" just walked in -- FAbulous! Tonight, we're all "citizens for Halloween" and hoping for a peaceful end to the night and then....a FULL YEAR of lanning for next October 31st when -- hopefully -- the Castro Halloween of yesterday can return to its community celebration roots and the other 100,000 un-invited guests can find somewhere ELSE to call "home for Halloween."

The traffic is moving; one of the "F Market's" classic trolleys just pulled out on its appointed rounds. So far...all is well.

....6pm: it's official. Lights out!

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