Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Last Call for Alcohol

8:15pm...the first of Castro's bars are CLOSED; the rest at 10pm.

It's a pretty dry night.

A would-be bar-goer shakes the front door of the "Twin Peaks." Locked. He looks confused, and goes in search of other liquid refreshment.

The streets are still open, although the cars and buses seem outnumbered by news vans. Our team of "No Halloween in the Castro" flyer-hander-outers (what is the word for that any way?) at Civic Center BART / MUNI report a MUCH smaller crowd than in years past.

At 7pm, a small group of protestors had a service over the coffin of "Castro Halloween" at the intersection of Market & Castro. It was very theatrical, and very evocative of the creative protests for which my beloved Castro has become famous. The TV cameras got footage; people clapped and then everyone moved on.

It got me thinking....this isn't the "death" of the Castro Halloween -- it's simply the Castro getting real and TAKING BACK its Halloween. The Castro Halloween party was always meant to be just that: a neighborhood and community celebration.

Our would be bar-goer shakes the door again, as if somehow, this time it will be open.

"Wow," he seems to say with his shaking head. "They really DO want us to stay home for Halloween this year."

You bet -- and next year, let's find a place for those who want a big party to celebrate so that those of us who do live in, and vote in, the Castro can keep our "home" safe for Halloween and every 'ween inbetween.

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