Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Last Call -- REALLY

9:30pm -- the Castro's four "big bars" just announced last call: Badlands, The Bar on Castro, Jet and Lime.

"Excuse me," the bouncer at Badlands said as a party-goer tried to exit with his drink. "You need to leave that here."

Thank you Castro Bar & Business Owners! Our neighborhood heroes and heroines! From the marvelous "Mix" (an early and enthusiastic supporter of this effort) to the "Midnight Sun", "Cafe Flore", "The Lookout", "Edge" and the historic "Twin Peaks" all deserve a round of applause for their selfless efforts tonight.

Outside on the streets, a passing fancy of fancy dress, dressed-down decadence, and deliciously-tacky finery.

Who would have thunk it: the streets and sidewalks are open, and the crowd (so far) respectful.

I live in hope.

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